Gut and Hepatopancreas boost by premium Immune & antioxidant support




Immune boosters: Beta-Glucans, Mannan-oligo-saccharides, Chitosan-oligo-saccharides;

highly available Selenium from Hydroxy-Selenomethionine;

toxin binders.



  • Enhance the resistance to stress and disease by stimulating the non-specific immune defense system of shrimp.
  • Support the antioxidant status to ensure proper recovery and development of immune system as well as gut and HP.
  • Promote healthy HP: remove mycotoxins, enhance HP detoxification and recovery.
  • Support shrimp immunity during episodes of vibriosis, EMS, EHP, and viral infections.
  • Reduced impact of stress on performance, such as during periods of water quality changes, high temperatures, low or high salinity, high ammonia, high Vibrio load…
  • Enhance growth of shrimp.



Top dressing in the feed with a suitable binder:

  • In the first 45 days of culture: Mix 5g per 1 kg of feed for 2-3 meals/day.
  • 46 DOC to harvest: Mix 2 g per kg feed. 1 times per day.
  • HP Issues: 5-10 g per kg of feed; 2-3 meals/day with continuous feeding for 5-7 days.

For optimal results the product should be used as a part of UP FARM CARE program 

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