Gut and hepatopancreas support, immune booster for shrimp


Xylanase (min)                                      : 20,000,000 IU

Protease (min)                                       : 2,000,000 IU

α –Amylase (min)                                  : 100,000 IU

Soybean meal supplement (min-max)   : 98-99%

Antibiotic, chemical (max) mg/kg         : None

Ethoxyquin (max) ppm                          : None           


  • Providing enzymes needed to boost the activity of hepatopancreas, stimulate metabolism.
  • Providing enzymes to help shrimp, fish to have a good digestion.


Mixing with feed:

  • Enhancing hepatopancreas and gut function; quickly recover damaged cells, promoting growth and reducing feed conversion; 5 g/1 kg feed for continuously 5-6 days.
  • Control of hepatopancreas issues for shrimp or fish cage culture; dosage 7 g/1 kg of feed for continuously 5-6 days.
  • Periodical usage will be more effective and better.

Applying into pond water:

  • After rain or hot weather can increase the amount used: 300-450 g/ 1,000 m3.
  • Water quality issues, rapid reduction of toxic substances NH3, H2S, NO2-…350-500 g/ 1,000 m3.



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