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     Uni-President Enterprises Corp (UPEC), one of the biggest food manufacturing conglomerates in Taiwan and Asia country. UPEC has over 100 subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide under its 7 major divisions: Provisions group, Instant Food, health food, Beverage, Bakery, Distribution and Low Temperature Food.

      Uni-President Enterprises Corp. was founded in Yeong Kang, Taiwan on July 1, 1967. From a humble flour mill to today’s international corporation, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. not only continues to grow with time, we also seek innovation and strive to stay ahead of the latest trends. By investing in the right products or businesses at the right time, we are able to integrate available resources for optimal utilization, in turn fostering social prosperity and economic growth.


Uni - President (Vietnam) was founded in 1999 in Vietnam, total investment is $ 225 million, including food production on Fisheries, Animal feed, Wheat Flour, Instant noodles and Beverages.  According to market demand and growth of the company, Uni-President VN has been gradually expanding and building more factories in Tien Giang, Ninh Thuan and Quang Nam, Now our  Aquatic feed business is spread all over Asia, yearly production can reach 400,000 ton to provide our customers with a full series of high quality aquatic feeds.

At the time of entering Vietnam, Uni-President has seen itself as an enterprise in Vietnam, develop with Vietnam economy and taking care of Vietnamese peoples life. "Get from society must return to society" is the concept of the business, so annually, Uni-President often donates to charities helping the victims of natural disasters, funding for activities of the state In the long term, Uni-President has been building its general business model of aquaculture in particular and the future direction for the other industries in general.






Uni-President’s corporate logo is derived from the initial “ P ” of the English word “PRESIDENT”.

The three oblique lines as the wings and soaring body stand for Uni-President’s brand spirit of “Three Goods” and “One Fairness” (namely: Good quality, Good credibility, Good services and Fairness). In addition, the logo also suggests Uni-President’s corporate foundation of benevolence, sincerity and confidence in serving consumers with trustworthy commodities and services, signifying constant innovation and breakthrough in its products.
The flat wings at the base of the logo symbolize stability, virtue and honesty.
The entire motif of the logo represents excellence, soaring spirits, peace and progress towards a healthy and blissful future.

Adhering to the spirit of product innovation, R&D research will continue to develop safe and great products. We developed many innovation product, such as the Uni-Light PSB, Uni-Light Bacillus, and Lactic acid bacteria. These products improve the animal health, environment and increase immunity. We regularly exchanges technical studies between Taiwan and China, many times invites famous experts in and outside Vietnam for building guidance, and actively participates in international conferences, we always develop and provide the best quality products to all of our customers. We always focus on education and training of staff, in addition to regular discussions on the work of employees, we also regularly invite scholars indigenous and abroad for training and training of professional business and exchanging the latest information to introduce the ideas with customers.


Uni-President Vietnam have passed the rigorous testing to ensure product quality and safety. Through continuous efforts, our quality of product achieved ISO 9001:2000 , ISO 22000:2005 , HACCP standards and other documents, and also won gold medals, awards ISO Gold Cup , the national award. The company continues to pioneer in ensuring the sustained commitment of quality to customers.

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