Protect aqua animal's liver


Ingredient: Min 62.000 mg/kg Lysine, 5.500-55.000 mg/kg Ferrous sulfate, min 9.000 mg/kg Betaine, min 15.000 mg/kg Taurine, adding to 0.5 kg Rice chaff (carrier).


Properties: Powder.


Scope of application: Applicable to all aquaculture species cultured: prawn, fish, mollusks


Analysis of the product:


 Item  Guaranteed content  Unit  Method
 Lysine  ≥62.000  mg/kg  GB/T 18246-2019
 Fe  2.000-20.000  mg/kg  GB/T 13885-2017
 Betaine  ≥9.000  mg/kg  GB/T 23710-2009
 Taurine  ≥15.000  mg/kg  Ministry of Agriculture   Announcement No. 2483-5-2016 
 Moisture  ≤10  %  GB/T 6435-2014
 E.coli  Not found  cfu/g  GB 4789.3-2016
 Salmonella  Not found  cfu/25g  GB/T13091-2002


Utility of product: Protect aqua animal's liver.


Usage: Use 5-10 g/kg feed, dilute the product with pure water, then mix with feed and use after dry. Use 2 times per day and continuously 4 days, rest 6-11 days and then repeat the cycle. Use 10 g/kg feed for shrimp in the first month.


Packing specification: 0.5 kg/pack, 20 packs/carton


Storage: Keep in normal atmospheric temperature, dry, dark and cool place.

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