Quick tight shell after molting, prevention curved body, opaque muscle




Calcium (min)                                      : 7%

Magnesium (min)                                 : 5%

Potassium (min)                                   : 1%

Chlorine (min)                                      : 20%

Sulfur (min)                                          : 1.5%

Carrier Sodium for enough                  : 1 kg

Moisture (max)                                    : 10%

Antibiotic                                            : not found



  • Supplying essential macro and micro minerals for the development and growth of the aquatic animals.
  • Supplying essential minerals, stabilizing pond environment and helping aquatic animals adapt to change in the farming environment.



Type of products: Suitable for shrimp fish in freshwater and seawater aquaculture, suitable for high density shrimp culture.

Mixing with feed:

Mixing with feed during shrimp culture: 10-50 g per 1 kg of feed.

Applying into pond water:

  • Supplying nutrients, enhance survival rate, curved body, quick tight shell and growing.
  • After raining or replacing water pond, dosage 500-1,000 g/1,000 m3
  • Stimulating shrimp molting, quick tight shell and growth, dosage 500-1,000 g/1,000 m3
  • Before harvesting 2-3 hours, use 1,000 g/1,000 m3 for reducing symptom of softshell.
  • During alive shrimp transportation, use 300-500 g per 500 liters to enhance survival rate of shrimp.



  • Dissolve with water by 1:20 and apply it into the pond water.
  • Turn on aerator when using for better effect.
  • This product is easy moisture-absorbing; it does not affect to the performance of product.




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