The best Vitamin C for prawn and fish




Moisture (max)                                                : 12%

Vitamin C (Acid ascorbic)(min)                       : 20%

Acid citric (min)                                               : 2.5%

Carrier (Dextrose)                                           : 77.5%

Ethoxyquin (ppm)                                            : none

Antibiotics                                                       : none


  • Increasing resistance, preventing shock when environmental conditions and weather change suddenly, when stocking in high density.
  • Supporting prawn and fish recover well after disease treatment.


  • Using 2g of MAX-C/ 1kg of feed or 1kg of MAX – C/ 500 kg of feed.
  • Dissolving product with clean water, spraying in feed equally, waiting feed dry for 15-20 mins before feeding.
  • Frequently using until harvesting
  • Time to stop before harvesting: NONE


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