The fastest solution for growth of fish and prawn




1-(n-Butylamino) 1-methyletyl – phosphonic acid (min)        : 11.5%

Vitamin B12 (min)                                                                   : 0.0046%

Solvent (distilled water)                                                          : 88.4954%

Sandy (undissolved minerals in Hydroclorid acid)(max)       : none

Ethoxyquin (ppm)                                                                   : none

Antibiotics                                                                               : none



Supplementing nutrients and Vitamin B12 to make prawn and fish healthy and grow well.   



Grow - out stage:

  • General program: After 20 days of stocking, 2 main feeding time/day, use EN-GRO 2 ml/kg (or 1 liter/500 kg of feed) in 3 continuous days for every 10 days. Within 20 days before harvesting, use EN-GRO daily.
  • Gain weight program:  After 20 days of stocking, 2 main feeding time/day, use EN-GRO 5 ml/kg (or 1 liter/200 kg of feed) in 5 continuous days for every 10 days.

For prawn and fish hatchery:

  • Prawn broodstock: Newly imported broodstock or after eyestalk application, to recover faster after spawning: Dropped EN-GRO directly to the mouth of prawn broodstock with the dose of 1 ml/1 female broodstock, 1-2 times/week.
  • Nursing tank (Density: 300-800 individuals) - Larval rearing tank in the hatchery
    • After stocking to nursing tank: 8-10 ml/m3, 1-2 times/ week. For the development of the whole prawn cycle in hatchery - transfer stages from Nauplii - Zoea - Mysis - Postlarvae have been complete.
    • 12-24 hours before transferring from nursing tank to cultured pond: 8-10 ml/m3
    • Periodic treatment: 5-6 ml/m3 water of nursing tank for every 3-4 days. 
  • Time to stop using before harvesting: None 




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