Highly concentrated probiotic for Aquaculture




Bacillus subtilis                                    : 1.4x109  CFU/g

Bacillus megaterium                            : 1.1x109  CFU/g

Bacillus polymyxa                               : 1.0x109  CFU/g

Bacillus licheniformis                          : 1.0x109  CFU/g

Carrier (sugar, salt) for enough            : 1,000 g



Biodegradable waste in fish pond.




  • Step 1: Add 200 g of Power Pack to 20 liters of water. Stir well (Do not use freshly chlorinated water as this may kill the beneficial bacteria).
  • Step 2: Add 3-5 kg of molasses or brown raw sugar into 20 liters of water.
  • Step 3: Use an electrical aeration device for 8-12 hours continuously to brew the probiotic.
  • Step 4: Disperse the brewed Power Pack evenly into the pond, and then activate the paddle-wheels or other aeration.

Regularly applying every 7 days/times: 30-50 g/2,000 m3

We should rely on PL density in ponds. For example:

  • 50-100 PL/m­2   – use 50 g Power Pack/2,000 m3
  • 100-150 PL/m2 – use 100 g Power Pack/2,000 m3
  • 150-250 PL/m2 – use 150 g Power Pack/2,000 m3
  • > 250 PL /m2     – use 200 - 400 g Power Pack/2,000 m3



The time to stop using are 2 days before harvesting.




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