NO2, NH3, H2S detoxifying and removal




Bacillus subtilis (min)                        : 1x108 cfu/kg

Lactobacillus lactis (min)                    : 1x107 cfu/kg

Lactobacillus platarum (min)              : 1x107 cfu/kg

Lactose carriers for enough                 : 1,000 g

Banned substance                                : None

Antibiotic                                             : None



Biodegradable waste, improving water quality.



Type of productssuitable for prawn, fish in fresh and seawater aquaculture, suitable for high-density prawn culture

  •  Directly take the pond water to mix the product (without aeration) and then disperse throughout the pond.
  •  Convert NO2 to nitrite (NO3-) to create nutrients for the algae to absorb, balance beneficial bacteria, promote photosynthesis, stabilize water, the dosage is 150-400 g/1,000 m3 depending on the density of the culture.
  •  Prevent and control shrimp, crab and fish deaths due to NO2, NH3, H2 poisoning and unidentified “bottom-sinking” bottom-drops; the dosage are 100-200 g/1,000 m3.
  •  Periodic use: The first period : 15 days/times
  •  The middle and end period     : 7 days/times



  • Turn on the aerator when using.
  • Not use with kill bacteria products at the same time.
  • Use when the weather is shady or late afternoon.





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