For a healthier and more stable phytoplankton




Premix containing trace minerals (Cu, Zn, Mn, Fe, I, Se, Si), Vitamins (B1, B7, B12) essential to algae growth.



  • Promotes pond productivity and natural nutrients.
  • Delivers nutrients supporting the growth of a healthy plankton, in complement of Macro nutrients leaching from feed or present in abundance in seawater.
  • Adapted to pond usage from growth media for pure cultures of green algae and diatoms.
  • Helps start a stable and nutritionally balanced plankton for first days of culture.
  • Supplies essential minerals and vitamins that are essential to growth of many green algae and diatoms.
  • Provides additional organic molecules that balance algal nutrition.
  • Delays occurrence of plankton crash caused by excess Nitrogen and Phosphorous from feed waste.
  • Promotes removal of NH3 by phytoplankton.
  • Complements other UP Farm range products to maximize pond productivity.



  • 2 weeks before stocking: apply weekly  10 kg/ha mixed with 50-100 L freshwater.
  • First 45 days of culture: apply weekly 10 kg/ha mixed with 50-100 L freshwater.
  • DOC 46 until harvest: apply biweekly 10 kg/ha, preferably 2 h to 24 h after applying UP Clean.
  • After plankton crash: apply 10 kg/ha 2 h to 6 h after applying UP Clean.

For optimal results the product should be used as a part of UP FARM CARE program

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