Quickly increase DO, Improve pond bottom




Sodium carbornate peroxyhydrate (min-max)              : 60%-70%

Talc powder (max)                                                        : 1000 g

Banned substance                                                          : not found

Antibiotic                                                                      : not found     


MAIN FUNCTION: Quick supplying oxygens into pond.



Type of products: suitable for prawn, fish in fresh and seawater aquaculture, suitable for high-density prawn culture.

Spreading over the pond

  • Preventing lack of DO issues: rainy or hot weather: 200-300 g/1000 m3
  • Promoting the beneficial microorganisms, eliminate effectively toxic gases like (H2S, NH3, NO2): use 200-300 g/1000 m3 before using the biotic products about 2-3 hours.
  • Increasing ability to catch prey, digest and absorb food. Focusing on spreading over the feed area before eating 1 hour, use 100 g/each feed area, 1,2 times/week.
  • Preventing development of Anaerobic bacteria in pond bottom: 200-300 g/1000 m3
  • Combining with water treatment to reduce the drug shock: 200-300 g/1000 m3
  • In emergency case: 500 g/1000 m3



  • Do not use metal bucket to pack products.
  • Products are used for solving issues like lacking of DO.



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