Premium disinfectant product




Potassium monopersulphate salts 50%



  • Disinfection of structures, materials and pond facilities.
  • Strong oxidative power. 
  • Wide spectrum activity against bacteria, fungus, virus, including major shrimp pathogens, and against organic loads in general.
  • Supports water management by disinfecting water, oxidising organic matter.
  • Due to the unique combination of molecules UP CLEAN it’s fast-acting and harmless for the cultured animals at recommended dosages.
  • Easy to use by dissolving in clean freshwater.
  • Safe to use once diluted and non-toxic at recommended dosages following usage instructions.
  • Biodegradable, therefore, does not leave residues in shrimp or the environment.



  • Prepare a stock solution for direct application or subsequent dilutions:  
  • Materials disinfection: 1% (dip disinfection); 0.5% (immersion 20 min)
  • Pond preparation and disinfection under outbreak conditions: 1%
  • Pond water vibrio levels control: 0.5 to 1 ppm (0.5-1 kg/1000 m3) (5-10 kg/Hectare) weekly.

For optimal results the product should be used as a part of UP FARM CARE program

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